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The Jazz-Rock Conundrum: The Enigmatic Blend of Energies in Ari Joshua's 'Eyes of the World'

Ari Joshua
Ari Joshua

Driving his musical flow from classical and alternative rock, Ari Joshua is a multi-talented gem of an artist who’s established a name for himself as a diverse musician & performer. Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Ari was raised in Seattle, WA. Ari thrived on the music industry lore before he was even a part of it. Dabbling in a variety of genres, including both acoustic and electronic, Ari has crafted a distinct sound that brings together all of his influences. His live performances are renowned for their energy and ability to captivate and move audiences. Ari has released multiple albums and singles and continues to write and release music. Ever since Ari received a scholarship to pursue his musical passion, he’s recorded and performed with some of the most renowned Rock ‘n Roll legends like Stone Gossward, Michael Shrieve and Peter Buck to name a few. Ari’s style of music is characterized as fresh, appalling, extremely adventurous and creative.

A sound that makes you feel belong, yet feels like a fresh node of the symphony in your ears, Ari Joshua’s ‘ Eyes of the World’ pushes forth the vibrancies of mystique, jazz and alternative rock to a whole new level.

"Eyes of the World" is an essential listening experience for admirers of the Grateful Dead, Phish, and aficionados of improvisational rock n roll masterpieces. This track brilliantly displays the incredible cohesion and energy within this iconic quartet's performance, creating a first take that leaves a lasting impression on listeners. Ari Joshua, teaming up with fantastic musicians, proudly brings forth "Eyes of the World," a superb homage to the original piece crafted by the renowned Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter. This reinterpretation provides a renewed perspective for devoted fans, leaving them with an invigorated admiration for the song. Captured at the prestigious Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY, its debut couldn't be more fitting as Dead and Company's farewell tour entrances fans across the nation with enthralling performances.

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