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The Divine Alchemy of Aaronson's 'The Great Swells That Carry Us Will Pull Us Under'


Cardiff-based post-rock outfit 'Aaronson' is on the brink of unveiling their highly anticipated forthcoming album 'The Great Swells That Carry Us Will Pull Us Under', which is set to be released through the esteemed Dirty Carrot Records. Hailing from the picturesque city of Newport in the United Kingdom, Aaronson has emerged as a formidable force in the vibrant post-rock scene of South Wales. Renowned for their awe-inspiring layers of melody and breathtaking crescendos, this remarkable ensemble has graced the stage alongside the likes of the enigmatic Nordic Giants, the ethereal Coldbones, the mesmerizing A-Tota-So, and the captivating False Hope For The Savage. Recently, Aaronson secured the runners-up spot at The Big Gig Wales 2020, garnering well-deserved accolades for their exceptional musical craftsmanship. Additionally, their undeniable talent and distinctive sound have earned them a coveted nomination for a prestigious Cardiff Music Award. To add to their impressive repertoire, Aaronson previously enchanted listeners with their cinematic EP titled 'You Are Not A Stranger Here'.

Free from the barricades of meaning, the track 'The Great Swells That Carry Us Will Pull Us Under' is a poignant reverie of surrealism. It strikes a chord of mystique, and is indeed a soundscape that leaves the listener dreaming and spellbound!

Aaronson's 'The Great Swells That Carry Us Will Pull Us Under'is a mind-boggling sonic marvel, immersing the listener in a vast and ethereal ocean of music. Enveloped within beautifully crafted post-rock melodies, this EP transcends the boundaries of traditional soundscapes, evoking a sensory experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. As the atmospheric waves wash over your ears, a symphony of ambient textures delicately infuses your senses, drawing you deeper into a hypnotic trance. With each note reverberating through the air, a myriad of emotions are stirred, intertwining melancholic introspection with a glimmer of hope. Immerse yourself in this musical masterpiece, and let the great swells carry you to unfathomable depths, where the beauty of Aaronson's artistry lies.

Test the melody down below -



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