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The Art of Dissonance: Unraveling the Electro-pop Layers of Feyer's abstract EP 'Bridging The Gaps'


Feyer revives back into the music scene with his highly anticipated release ‘ Bridging The Gaps’. Thriving on the unique ability to weave his music with daily life objects, like voicemail recordings from family members or the onset of emotions he feels, Feyer has gained recognition and praise through a multitude of venues and platforms, like Mercury Lounge and The Knitting Factory. With highly framed outlets such as PopDust, Music Connection, and New Noise having already taken notice, calling his music an "evolving, catchy sound—spanning from pulsing pop to bassy hip-hop" (ObscureSound) and "a sharp slice of synth-pop beamed in from another planet"(LookAtMyRecords), there is no doubt that his community and cult following are substantial.

This EP strikes a chord with everyone as it is nothing but our everyday life—social anxiety, comfort zones, communication, work-life balance (or lack thereof) technology, conspiracy theories, you name it, it has it all.

The upcoming EP 'Bridging the Gaps' is an electronic rock record that drives influence from acts like Passion Pit, New Order, and Mates of State. This creates a melting pot of inspiration that can be described as "upbeat, catchy, and full of clever lyrics." Feyer touched on it in Bridging the Gaps. This brings to life the very real feelings we all experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic when this EP was written. “This EP was born out of the Covid-19 pandemic when everything felt uncertain. Outwardly with the uncertainty in the world, but inwardly too, I struggled with my own future and the future of the music world in general. So, I hunkered down in my home studio and continued making the music I loved. This album, released steadily over the last few years, will complete a 2-year-long creative journey that closes out both a full musical chapter and my 20s as a whole", says Feyer. The album is a culmination of Feyer's own growth, but also a reflection of the world's ever-changing landscape. Feyer hopes that the music will help listeners find solace in the midst of the current pandemic and beyond.

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