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Swirls of Sempiternity: As satisfactory as ripples of water is 'Canon in E Flat'

Raynald Grenier
Raynald Grenier

Rising from Québec City, Canada, Raynald Grenier is a most exquisitely talented musician gathering recognition and experience since the 1980s, from the stages of the United States, Canada, and Europe. Starting as an accompanying pianist, and conductor for various musical and vocal groups, Grenier left the stage a while ago and decided to pace towards specializing in musical creation and composition. Synchronizing exuberant harmonies using his instrumental and orchestral skills, the artist has remarkably come a long way in his career and is unmatched for his rhythm.

Mellifluous and mind-stilling: 'Canon in E Flat' is a soft, soothing orchestral symphony composed to make your brain go silent, let your soul take over your body, and deliver your being into a tranquil realm.

The first Opus to the artist's upcoming musical series titled 'The String Quartet Collection'. 'Canon in E Flat' marks the beginning of a profoundly magnificent series of symphonies. As soon as the song takes flight, the atmosphere changes and the temperature drops, giving you chills. The soft strings reach your ears and then, the rest is history. A perfect melody to calm your heart.

Experience wonders with this melody down here:

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