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Sunset the Machine Will Make Your Neck Ache With Their Latest Release!

Sunset the Machine

Sunset the Machine is a Portland-based band known for fusing metal, punk, and horror to create a sound that evokes jolting energy in the listeners' bodies! If you love to bang your head to the sickest riffs like I do, you've stumbled upon a gem today my friend! They create an everlasting jolt of energy with their track and each track is packed with impounding energy to the brim. their vast discography of an album and 3 singles is bound to blow your mind away, do give it a go!

"Ger ready to lose your mind to the the intricate creations of Sunset the Machine."

Nameless City is a fast-paced horror story told with gritty riffs and powerful vocals based on the HP Lovecraft short story. The track is a perfect blend of heavy lyricism and intricate musicality. While the vocals narrate a terrorizing story, the instrumentals will fill you up with energy to bang your head and lose your mind! This track brings together the best of both worlds with such immaculate craftsmanship that it is truly remarkable. The track starts off with an impeccable guitar and then the drums and vocals kick in with a blast. The distorted guitars lay a perfect base for this headbanger and the vocals blow life into the whole composition. Do give this amazing track a go, you'll love it for sure!

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