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Sublime Superficiality: Indie Rock's Soulful Commentaries in Blindness & Light's 'We All Lose' (Radio Edit)

Recreating the mystical hues of a fond summer breeze from the 80s, Blindness & Light returns to the music scene with his brand new single, 'We All Lose'! An informal collective of like-minded musicians hailing from places like Anglesey, North Wales, Liverpool, Manchester and Yorkshire, the collaborative comprises Colin M Potter as the singer/songwriter and co-producer in parallels to producer Tony Denmade. Drawing inferences from legends like Echo, The Smiths, Wild Swans, and Joy Division, the band has also done a few interviews on Mersey Radio, Blast Radio and many more. Recorded in the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales and Warrington, let's unravel the summertime blues of this auspicious release!

Blindness & Light
Blindness & Light

A track about the mere sense of realisation that the world is constantly evolving and we should only worry about things that we can control, this is surprisingly refreshing yet carries a divine sense of nostalgia with it.

With poignant lyrics that feel like a resurrection of the post-punk musical accolades of the 80s and 90s, this is a track about the shapeshifting nature of humanity while also being a track for a brewing love blossom. A track that points out the dual nature of people in relationships, about how surface level those bonds are and how people proceed to hide their true identities and flaws behind a mask of pretence, this radio edit is a pure work that is driven by bliss, love, truth and shackles of reality. It also serves as a testament to how blind-sighted humans and racist humans are towards certain groups, and how we disregard their respective cultures.

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