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Speak Easy Circus: The Enigmatic Tapestry of Sound

Speak Easy Circus
Speak Easy Circus

Speak Easy Circus is not just a band; they're a musical kaleidoscope. Merging the unique influences of each of its five audacious members, they sculpt a sound that's both captivating and elusive. Over time, they've worn labels like "indie", "jazz", and "funk", but none quite encapsulate their genre-defying essence. Their music is a fluid journey through sonic landscapes, transcending boundaries with ease. It's this chameleonic quality that they cherish, relishing in the myriad of ways they're perceived. In the ever-evolving realm of artistry, Speak Easy Circus stands as an enigmatic powerhouse, challenging and redefining musical norms.

Their blend of indie rock, jazz and punk creates this weird yet wonderful genre that I can guarantee you won’t have heard before!

At first listen, "Gros Michel" appears to be a whimsical ode to bananas, but a deeper resonance emerges as the layers are peeled back. Songwriter Jack Avison masterfully transforms this seemingly innocuous fruit into a powerful metaphor for the hidden exploitation rampant in the banana industry. As the world's attention shifts towards environmental crises, Avison's exploration was catalyzed by a cascade of documentaries and videos, each revealing the disquieting realities lurking beyond the supermarket bins. Intriguingly, this sonic journey led Avison down an unexpected rabbit hole, unraveling a tapestry of darkness woven by industry giants like La Chiquita. Through poignant lyrics, "Gros Michel" takes us on a vivid exploration of our intertwined role within this complex narrative. Avison's song becomes a mirror reflecting the insidious practices and environmental toll that lurk behind our everyday choices. As we groove to the melody, we're invited to ponder the deeper implications, making "Gros Michel" not just a song, but an awakening.

Test this soulful melody down below -



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