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Sonorous Whispers: Dean Carter's Musical Tale 'Songs Without Words Vol II'

Dean Carter
Dean Carter

The mesmerizing tunesmith and virtuoso performer, Dean Carter, has unveiled his eagerly awaited musical gem, 'Songs Without Words Vol II'. Expanding upon his prior triumphs, Carter casts a spell with his extraordinary flair for weaving entrancing instrumental tapestries. Hailing from the UK as a guitarist, lyricist, and sonic healer extraordinaire, Carter took the world by storm in the 80s and 90s with stunning electric ambient performances and fronting the band Dean Carter and the High Commission. Acclaimed by numerous publications, Carter has graced illustrious stages and shared the spotlight with legendary musicians. Having conquered health obstacles using sound healing techniques, the maestro returns more vital than ever with 'Songs Without Words Vol II'.

With a gloomy haze that shrouds the listener in an aura of mystery, and a collection of soothing instruments that delicately weave intricate melodies, this EP is truly a nectar of intrigue, sealed within illustrious beats.

Dive into the spellbinding world of 'Songs Without Words Vol II', where the mesmerizing tunes and stirring compositions of virtuoso musician, Dean Carter, effortlessly resonate with your soul. This sensational album transcends linguistic barriers through its instrumental prowess, taking you on a captivating melodic adventure. Unveiled on Midsummer's Day, this auditory delight showcases Carter's unparalleled gift for creating bewitching soundscapes. With a rich tapestry of folk arrangements, evocative guitar patterns, and unforgettable riffs, each song is a masterpiece in itself.

The journey begins with 'Hyacinth,' a tribute to Carter's mother that envelops you in tranquillity. Progressing through gems like 'Mabon Dawn' and 'Father Figures,' the album never ceases to captivate with its escalating intensity and intriguing techniques such as overtone singing. Building on the acclaim of the first volume, Carter delves deeper into his subconscious for inspiration this time around, offering solace and introspection in the cacophony of everyday life. From celestial melodies to invigorating rhythms, 'Songs Without Words Vol II' is a transformative escapade that defies boundaries. Embrace the enchanting power of Dean Carter's artistry – let the metamorphic voyage commence!

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