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Sonic Soulfire: Igniting the Heart with the Soulful Flames of Gil Karson's 'Freedom Guaranteed'!

Gil Karson
Gil Karson

Unleashing a sound that resonates with all fellow country enthusiasts, here's Gil Karson and The Karson City Rebels’ brand new single ‘Freedom Guaranteed'. LA-based Gil Karson began his career as a die-heart music enthusiast navigating through genres of classic rock, country and blues artists. Drawing inferences from the legends like The Eagles, Chuck Berry, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings, Karson is a renowned name in southwestern suburbs. Open mic nights and doing acoustic gigs are indeed what has shaped the nomenclature for the band, comprising of Karson on bass and lead vocals, drummer Lionel Barton, Jon Greathouse on keyboards and vocals, guitarists Kyle Appleton and Chris Brooks, and multi-instrumentalist Jon Adams.

An angelic bond of electrical guitar riffs and country encores, the song is not just a song but a message that’ll echo for generations to come.

Paying homage to the selfless heroes who dedicated their lives for a peaceful future of the next generations, Freedom Guaranteed takes you on an emotionally-charged journey filled with heartwarming country tunes and electrifying guitar performances. As we sail through life's vast ocean, we must remain grateful to those intrepid trailblazers who sacrificed and struggled to ensure the tranquillity of our world. Masterfully crafted by Grammy-winning maestro Gerhard Joost (whose accolades include working with Sangeeta, Stevie Wonder, and Missy Elliot) at Studio Hill Austin, the stirring music video for "Freedom Guaranteed" blends exhilarating live acts of Gil Karson and the Karson City Rebels with touching tributes to the US military. Serving as the core of their much-anticipated album 'Freedom Guaranteed,' complemented by tracks like "Runaway Train" and "Let's Party," this song is indeed a hidden gem we never realized we desperately craved.

Test the melody down below -



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