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Sonic Snowflakes: Waltzing in Winter with Limahl's 'One Wish For Christmas'

Voyage through the affectionate affairs of Limahl's 'One Wish For Christmas'! As a renounced artist whose voice and artistry have been hearted by millions. Limahl emerges as the lead singer for the British Band Kajagoogoo. After hitting a milestone with his early releases like,' Too Shy', 'Hang On Now' and 'Ooh To Be Ah', Limahl yet again rises to shine with his first solo,' Only For Love'. A legend in the making, let's dive into the magical soundscapes of Limahl's music!


Bringing you into a dynamic holiday landscape, this track feels like a gateway to the dream celebration of a holiday.

A vivacious rewind to his initial release,' London For Christmas', this latest track is an ode to brimming love and new-found comfort in a person that feels like home. This legit feels like a response and after story to the infamous release by Mariah Carey,' All I Want For Christmas Is You'. Trying to gift-wrap this moment of splendid joy and building memories, this feels like a dream of two lovers around this time, spending time with each other and blending into the lives of the festival's colours. A dream of a track that was a vision 3 years ago, has finally come to life with wonderful elements of lush strings, new vocals and orchestral arrangements. As someone who's savoured Christmas rhymes for a while now, Limahl is particularly a visionary whose dreams for crafting a holiday song of his own have finally come to life.

Test this marvellous melody down below -

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