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Sonic Outlaws: Embracing the Rule-Breaking Spirit of Indie Rock in Wotts' 'Garden'


Hailing from Ottawa, Canada - based indie pop gem Wotts just unleashed musical acrylics through their latest single ‘ Garden’! Fiddling out several musical genres, Wotts found their true calling whilst experimenting with Indie-pop, and have rightfully built upon it on their three-song EP ‘Garden’. Citing inspiration from the legends of blooming pop like The Beatles, Men I Trust and even from the divine writings of the alchemist author Paulo Coelho, the dynamic duo is set to paint their own musical canvas via this album. Comprising of the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jayem and guitarist Ricky, Wotts has hit the stages of RBC Bluesfest, Canadian Music Week and Junofest and has received shoutouts for their work from several outlets including CBC Radio (Canada), The Luna Collective (U.S.), Iggy Magazine (France) and Mystic Sons (UK).

Like its predecessors ‘Blue’ and ‘Wheel’, ‘Garden’ proceeds to knit a cybernetic soundscape full of colours and magic!

Wotts takes listeners on an enchanting musical journey with their final single, "Garden," from the EP of the same name. Departing from their signature '80s influence, the group skillfully blends modern and retro elements, creating a fresh yet familiar sound. As the last instalment of the trilogy exploring life and mortality, "Garden" delves into the profound duty of creation and the solace found in music. Producer Jayem's pent-up emotions about existence find an expressive outlet in this cinematic track, featuring swirling choirs, violins, and uplifting Wurlitzer and guitars. The EP stands as a cohesive project, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in Wotts' soul-stirring musical world.

Test the melody down below -



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