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Silky Metamorphosis: Decoding Jazz's Magical Crescendos of Q3's 'Water Speckled Midnight'

Q3 glides smoothly into the music scene with the flowy tunes of his brand new quartet 'Water Speckled Midnight' and this is euphoria amplified! A jazz quartet with its base in Cambridge, United Kingdom, the Magnetic Q3 comprises Kevin Flanagan, Martin Hallmark, Tiago Coimbra and drummers like Steve Hynes, Oscar Reynolds and Derek Scrull. With their initial albums and singles luring the music scene, they displayed shades of their musical maturity and charisma. Returning yet again with the same level of flamboyance, let's witness the magic of Q3!


Enchanting ecosphere of miraculous highs and lows, accompanied by the playfulness of instruments, you truly witness an astral kaleidoscope as you proceed through the album.

We start this pristine journey with the silky serenades of the breakthrough track 'Through The Clouds'. An auspiciously written flavorful and playful track that is packed with luxurious-sounding saxophone solos, this sets the listeners in anticipation of what's yet to come. 'Odyssey' builds up suspense in the album, and then transcends into a wonder ground for endless possibilities. This is very delicate, and fluid and sounds very vivacious.

Next up, 'Emerald Eyes' is yet another moment of enchanting the listeners with lustrous jazz notes. This is comparatively coy, gentle and slow-paced, setting a mood of erotica in the minds of listeners. 'Nomads' feels like an amplification of the previous moods of the album, by adding an element of adventure to it. This almost seems like an invitation to amp up the dance floor!

'Nocturne' is yet another slow-paced banger that highlights fluidity and relaxation as you proceed through it. Crafted with sheer precision, this channels its unique aura. Then we arrive at the title-themed track ' Water Speckled' and it's more than evident why this track was chosen. This is the perfect amount of drama, grooves and funk to it, thereby making it a powerful jazz jam.

'Rondo di Girulata' and 'A Good Day For Breathing' feel like gentle gushes of wind in which the saxophone sways like butter. They're both fresh, subtle and almost pacifying, setting the tone for the perfect end of the album. 'Turnaround Time' feels like an artsy notion that draws parallels with running away of time and the fast flow of trends and things. 'Postlude' is a mellowed-down end to the album, where everything is slowly settling into nothingness, with its tender piano synths and fading melodies. Overall, I think this album is a must-listen.

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