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'Shots' by Tasty ft. Loop Instinct - A fulfilling vibe.


'Shots' by Tasty Ft. Loop Instinct is as catchy as one could vibe on to. Tasty is a twenty-four year old, "young prodigy" of an artist born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Formerly known as Big Ta$ty, he switched from hip-hop to a variety of new music, such as R&B, Blues, Indie, etc. Tasty has played at a few reputable bars before in the greater New Orleans area such as, 'The Howling Wolf' and 'The Willow.' The track was recorded in Tasty's home studio. Some bands that have had influenced Tasty the most are Mumford & Sons, Lil Wayne, Mike Posner, and many more.

'Shots' is a well-blended track that one could imagine, being played on loop amongst friends or even when you're vibing along.

I love all the funk elements in the track, it is fun and mesmerizing. The vocals are cool and soulful, has got great tonality. I also like the constant background vocals; it enhances the listening experience and make the track sound funkier. I also love the music of the track, played over a simple beat & a basic bass while the other instruments are hit sleekly. The lyrics are equally cool, and act as white line amidst the flavors of old school music & today's music. The best part for me is the chorus of the track, it's super engaging and you just can't help but keep on humming the chorus over a loop, be it anywhere you are! The addition of 'Deprice' from Loop Instinct is amazing, feels like both of them were born to make music together. The rap part has got nice vibing rhythm & flow to it.

In the midst of much new industry music lacking substance, Tasty has made it his goal to bring emotion and meaning back to his musical creations. Tasty quotes, 'I have found an outlet in creating music that truly brings me peace and I hope to see my listeners having that same feeling of serenity and joy that it brings me.'

Check out the fun track here :



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