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Seraphic Sonatas: Cinematic Saga of Ethereal Serenades through Marc Béziat's 'The Star of Peace'

Marc Béziat returns to revive the life of culture back into the classic instrumental scene with his brand new release, 'The Star of Peace'! As someone whose creativity started gaining structure back when he was 28, self-taught maestro Marc's work has the power to convey its etherealness despite his lack of technical knowledge. One of the six tracks released in his classical EP,' Prague 2024 Season', this melody is a unique sonic streak of stunning technical work and moving emotional power. Let's relapse into the cinematic feels of 'The Star of Peace' and witness what this has to bring.

Marc Béziat
Marc Béziat

Hiatus of exquisite harmonies and vivacious sonic instruments all amalgamating to form a halo of sound that anyone can feel on top of their head while listening to this melody, this is a pure work of art.

We start this divine harmony with beautiful piano synths that simply take you to another level from the start. his feels like the beginning of a royal adventure, and then the vocal harmonies almost sound as if they're coming straight from heaven. Then comes the piano verse, which is too blissful, thereby providing a luxe and cinematic appeal to the track. What seemingly feels like the shrine of bright light coming straight from the almighty, sounds almost too majestic, surreal and powerful. This sounds like the backdrop of a movie based in ancient times, by capturing hints of royal grandeur, thereby becoming a time capsule for listeners.

Test this dreamy melody down below -

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