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Riff-Ridden Resilience: Hard Rock's Mental Maelstroms with Avalon Stone's 'Drag Me'

Avalon Stone is here to seek her throne back with her brand new release 'Drag Me' and this one is bound to give you chills! A musical marvel crafted by the genius of Juno award winner Kevin Dietz and the brilliance of the arts of the lead guitarist Caleb Bourgeois, this is the gritty fight against mental health struggles. As a rising star with over 300 live shows, Avalon has won the hearts of millions all across the globe. With her previous release garnering more than 90k streams, 'Drag Me' released all in its glory is marked to shake the industry with its prowess. Discover the thunder of Avalon's 'Drag Me'!

Avalon Stone
Avalon Stone

Despite being a moment of vulnerability, this track talks about the menace a person goes through in the attempts to find oneself, battling through tough times by maintaining rigidity on the outside.

One who rises above the miseries may not be called defeated. 'Drag Me' is a moment of standing up for yourself in the fierce tides of time and circumstances. An electrifying saga of authentic storytelling, this number is powered by raw, emotional lyrical landscapes and features the divinity of Avalon's dynamic voice. Blending influences of grunge into modern alt-rock with grace, this feels like the peak of grunge revival that is bound to cause revolutions. Overall, I feel like this could be an anthem for all the fellow fighters in the world, despite the cause of their fight, this will give you hope to believe in.     

Test this thunderous melody down below -

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