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Rhyme & Resolve: Exploring Leif Riggs's Verses of Victory via 'One Day'

Returning to the masses with utmost swag, Leif Riggs unleashes revolutionary rap in the verses of his latest single, 'One Day'! A multi-talented artist who works as a full-time tech analyst, Leif allows everyone to let their inner thoughts fly free with his music, which derives its core influence from traditional and old-school hip-hop. As someone who's been rapping since the early 2000s, Leif manufactured this single in his garage with some padding that dampens the sound. His hip-hop iterations mostly involve a focus on syllable structure, timing, alliteration, multi-syllable rhyme schemes and topic continuity.

Leif Riggs
Leif Riggs

With a primal depiction of opportunities lying in front of him, this release gazes at the future with bright eyes of optimism.

AS release that talks about being open and true to yourself, this track unravels Lief's journey as he unravels the dark realities of his life into the verses of this rap melody. Acknowledging his struggles, he looks back at times of trouble with a sense of warmth and acceptance, reminding himself that the pressure has only pushed him for the better. A life so unique and brushed with utmost resilience, patience and consistency, this is a testament to Leif's life journey through beautifully rhymed and creative music, a true masterpiece.

Test this relatable melody down below -

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