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Reva K evokes some anguished feelings through her voice on the cover single "Strong Enough"

Reva K
Reva K

Reva K has proved herself to be an effective singer/songwriter, garnering immense appreciation from critics and a newly found audience alike. Not refraining from genuflecting to her emotions but still standing firmly, she gives us a glimpse of the power she possesses which acts as an asset to her musicality. With her new collaborations with the producer Stefan Konstantopolous, she emerges onto the scene as a truly unique vocalist.

"It would not at all be unsafe to say that Reva K outclasses the original with her vocal performance in this piece."

Inspired by Sheryl Crow's 1993 classic, "Strong Enough" is a deeply rooted and emotionally drenched cover single which features some of the most striking vocal performances in recent memory, with it also including some bold mixing choices in the post production side of things. Reva K provides this song's lyrics some real justice, as they feel as, if not more, hard hitting than the original. She also manages to retain the quality of the original at the same time while giving it some rough texture as well, not being afraid to really amp up her voice in some parts here and there.

Do check this one out as it is truly one of the most striking cover singles you will get to experience, especially if you're an appreciator of the likes of people like Fiona Apple, Joanna Newsom, Adele, etc. Test this melody for yourself here -



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