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Retro Rap Resurgence: Unleashing the Old School Hip Hop Vibes in Bloodlin3's 'Mercy'


Hailing from the heart of Texas, Bloodlin3, a dynamic trio, is ready to make a golden mark with their electrifying debut album 'Mercy.' Far from your average sound, they've masterfully crafted a unique 90s-inspired old-school hip-hop style by blending the genius elements of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Tech N9ne, Three 6 Mafia, Twista, Eminem, and Brotha Lynch Hung. Get ready for a thrilling journey as they take you back in time with their innovative and captivating tunes!

In today’s chaotic world full of samples and similar artists piling on top of each other, this industry lacks authenticity and uniqueness, and that’s just the aim of the band.

Bloodlin3, a dynamic collaboration of inventive visions, emerges from the creative minds of three Paducah, KY siblings: 2Severe aka Stephen King, Reinman Quiji aka Blackrein, and Malachi aka Miggidy. Possessing an arsenal of diverse talent within their extraordinary family, Bloodlin3 shatters preconceived ideas in the music world. Their album 'Mercy' weaves a vibrant tapestry of eclectic styles, incorporating rnb, rap, and old-school influences that pay tribute to the golden age of 1990s hip-hop. Moreover, this trio strives to introduce a fresh sound that today's music scene eagerly desires. If you're a devotee of Hip Hop & R&B, 'Mercy' is an essential auditory experience you won't want to miss.

Test the melody down below-



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