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Resonating Resilience: Moose Wrench's Journey Through Sound and Struggle

Moose Wrench
Moose Wrench

Moose Wrench is a distinctive alt-metal trio known for their unique, existential musings on everyday life challenges, from the tribulations of bad driving to the woes of the infamous 'man flu'. Their origin story is as enigmatic as their sound, with tales suggesting they were once lost souls discovered aimlessly wandering the vast Nevada desert, allegedly escaping from a surreal encounter with flying monkeys. However outlandish their beginnings might seem, one thing is undeniable: they've found a home and a purpose in Leeds. Through their raw and resonating performances, Moose Wrench offers a captivating blend of mid-life angst and introspection. Their musical journey serves as a cathartic release, assuring listeners that they're not alone in their struggles. In embracing their shared experiences, they offer a resounding message: we can face life's absurdities head-on and find solace in shared understanding.

Moose Wrench blends existential introspection with raw energy with their signature 'dad-bod alt-core' sound.

Introducing the second symphony from Moose Wrench's much-anticipated album, "Not Dead Yet." After the resounding success and acclaim of their inaugural single, this new track offers a refreshing facet to their signature "dad-bod alt-core" style. With the same raw intensity that fans have come to adore, this song melds their unique sound with fresh undertones, promising listeners an immersive experience into the depths of their musical evolution. As always, the trio masterfully intertwines candid themes with their potent sonic landscape, ensuring that this offering is not just another song, but a testament to their ever-evolving artistry.

Listen to this soulful melody down below -



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