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Rauly’s “Ordinary Life” Will give you a confidence boost and a dopamine rush!

Rauly's picture

Born and raised in the United States, Fullerton, Rauly is famous for capturing his listeners with his out-of-the-box voice combined with indie pop melodies and hip-hop-influenced flows. He was in college for finance when he met platinum-producer Charlie Heat who has been featured in Rolling Stone Daily Music List for the single “Lost It". Love, heartbreak, shame, anxiety, substance abuse, and uncertainty, are some of the topics he dives into from which he writes his own life experiences.

The moment I discovered this artist through his latest track "Ordinary Life" it felt like I found a feast for my ears. The way he describes the life of a struggling person who's also trying to follow his passion is just top-notch. It feels like you're on the same boat trying to find the shore. It firmly places Rauly as someone who has come of age, changing gears from his early work. This track is a powerful call to action that will console anyone who has ever felt aimless or lost hope. Must listen to it as it's going to boost up your overall confidence and trust in your life.

Test the melody down here-



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