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Pulse Propulsion: Electric Rock's Artistic Alchemy of Life and Passion with Sheer Seeker's 'SHEER SEEKER: TO THE CORE'

Sheer Seeker returns to the masses with yet another dreamscape of an experience, with his brand new tune compilation,' SHEER SEEKER: TO THE CORE'! An advanced electro-rock hip-hop force that exploded with phenomenal grandeur this month, Sheer Seeker is an act that has recently seen the limelight and is rightfully pacing up with modern-day rock with ease. With over 42,000 streams and over 500,000 Instagram reel impressions on their majestic release,' Light It Up', they are soon about to grace stages offline this season. This album displays a diverse range of rock and rap impressions and caters to themes like uncertainty, diligence, urgency, and dilemma. It is truly a work of art like never before. Let's together witness the wrath of Sheer Seeker's sound!

Sheer Seeker
Sheer Seeker

This is not just an album, but a journey down the rabbit hole of one's thoughts, which seems like a saturated thundercloud, waiting to be wide awake.

We begin this journey with the melancholic nuvo rock synths of the breakthrough track,'Starlight'. Starlight seems to create a sense of curiosity about what lies ahead in the album's journey, as it gives us a hint to the depth of thoughts we'll be delving into. Then we step into the thoughtful awakening to 'Dirt to Dust'. This instigates listeners to leave their grounds of comfort and do something that ignites their passionate side and spreads the message of how in this world, no one can truly be trusted. This also touches on topics like an identity crisis and asks you to break free from the mould of the ordinary.

Then, through the next track, we step into a sense of urgency and dystopian commotion the track ' Chase Gold Stay Cold'. This seems to unlock a cold yet goal-oriented mindset for listeners and features themes like grandeur. If the listeners enjoyed the track 'AP' by Pop Smoke, they'll gonna fall in love with this track. 'Gone Too Long' enters the scene with an electrifying rock theme, and almost sounds like the backdrop of a fight scene. This is a track that sends a rush of adrenaline down the spine of listeners and is backed by thunders of immense power.

'Light It Up' feels like a continuation of the previous track, where the artist is seen battling through his thoughts and wants to break free from the cage society has created for him. This sounds like a thunder bash and ignites passion. 'All The Way' feels like a canvas of power creation, where one intertwines dogmas their mind's lessons learned throughout their life and realises that their losing their past self, but at the same time, it doesn't necessarily have to be melancholic.

'Animal Spirit' is full of rage and an undying spirit. Here the word 'Animal' seems to reflect upon the phenomenal need to resurrect as majestic, with almost nothing to lose. Filled with so many power rock elements, this is too cinematic to be a track. Last but not least, 'Found It' seems to predominantly answer the question and the enlightening we've been seeking throughout this dystopian journey. This song, also equally power-packed, seems to assert a sense of peace and seems to salvage utmost certainty.

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