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'PRICE OF LOVE aka 4 THE GAME': A dive into the current happenings in the music industry

Entering 2024 with yet another powerful set of songs, PROKLAIM's release 'PRICE OF LOVE aka 4 THE GAME' will get you hooked in no time at all! His made his debut a few years back in 2018 in the music industry, and has ever since conveyed his love for hip-hop. With splashes of a few other styles in his songs like contemporary and R&B, PROKLAIM has carved his own unique sound style in the sonic realm. With introspective vocals and a smooth flow, his music proves to be quite addictive.

Securing a spotlight for the artist, 'PRICE OF LOVE aka 4 THE GAME' is an astoundingly influential track composed with marvelous use of words easy to understand and smooth to roll off your tongue.

Shining a beam of light on the worldly happenings of hip-hop, 'PRICE OF LOVE aka 4 THE GAME' shelters a perfect combination of distinctive beats and contemplative lyrics complementing each other flawlessly. It is the perfect addition to an upbeat playlist, lifting your spirit and inspiring a great amount of motivation.

Take this melody for a spin down here:

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