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Pork Pie Spins Treads of Gold Into an Intricate Musical Mesh.

pork pie

Pork Pie is a Ireland, Dundalk-based 4-piece contemporary alternative eclectic rock outfit, with strong elements of garage, funk, and psychedelia, playing almost exclusively original songs. The four original members Shane Brett (Drums), Michael Laverty (Bass), Michael Stafford (Vocals and Guitar), and Peter Laverty (Lead Guitar) made their debut in 2021 with an album “Pterodactyl” which was loved by people worldwide! This band creates a unique soundscape that is immersive. This band brings together the best parts of each world and creates a unique sound. Their discography will blow your mind if you love to explore vivid instrumentation.

Uncover vivid soundscapes with Pork Pie!

I recently came across this amazing band through their latest release which is the third single from their forthcoming album 'Golden Leaf Sheets'. The track has a vibe that will carry you to a different realm of reality. Innovatively intertwining ecstatic lyricism with vast soundscapes, this band creates a sound that will surely be followed by the generations to come. The guitars create the spine of the track and the drums and bass compliment it with utmost accuracy. Each thump in the track is perfectly crafted to create the maximum impact. This is surely one of the best tracks I've come across this year! Do give it a spin.

Test the Melody down here-

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