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Pop Catharsis: Weaving Tales of Bitter Love with Lizy Jane's 'Man Or The Monster'

Explore the vandalising affairs of wounds from love via Liza Jane's latest release, 'Man Or The Monster'! Hailing from the lands of Key West, Florida, Liza is a pop-vocalist who declared to her parents that she probably came into this world to sing, Liza continued to follow her musical dreams by pursuing classical vocal training at Belmont University and gradually became inclined to the synths of pop and dance as she was in Los Angeles under the vocal coach Rosemary Butler and creatives like photographer Pamela Springsteen. From being featured on Sirius XM radio, the single is also trending on TikTok and Instagram!

Liza Jane
Liza Jane

Fiddled around, betrayed and scar-ridden, these are some themes and sides to love that people barely know about. Exposing such illusions out in the open, this is a sheer piece of art in pop.

A track that speaks volumes about a strangled love affair, this addresses the epitome of a dystopian love that is wrecked from within. If you're a fan of Lady Gaga's sound, you're gonna fall in love with this track! From pulling the fights to manipulations to endless hidden secrets, this tries to emphasize how in this blinding arena one can still be fooled. The metaphor for the significant other describes their heinous and apathetic behaviour, which once felt like the blooming of the flowers. Despite all this, this lays down grounds for the wrong-doings in love that almost shatter the other person. Yet being catchy, this simply is a sad track that is seemingly full of groovy sonicscapes. Portraying the partner living a double life akin to the duality of the iconic Batman villain, Two-Face, one cannot get enough of this track!

Test this soul-stirring melody down below -

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