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Piano Serenade in Shades of Sorrow: Finding Comfort in Sambox's Insouciance

Sambox featuring Anita Barbbereau
Sambox featuring Anita Barbbereau

Widely renounced with his stage name Sambox, Samuel Pineau is a French music producer, and composer who majestically specialises in piano. This much anticipated EP release features the divinities of violin by -based cellist and composer, Anita Barbbereau. The birth of this project happened when Anita discovered Sambox on Spotify and wanted to collab. Drawing his prime source of musical influence from all musical styles, especially classical music, lounge, ambient, chillout, downtempo, and jazz, this EP was recorded in Sam's home studio. Sambox has made multiple appearances since 2004, like 70 CD compilations worldwide as "Buddhattitude" (Georges V) to name a few.

As the duo behind this EP prepares to share their musical journey with the world, listeners can expect an engaging and immersive auditory experience that transcends genre boundaries and captures hearts.

Diverging from the typical playfulness and notoriety that fans have come to expect from Sambox, this latest collaboration offers a refreshing change of pace for those in search of a different listening experience. 'Insouciance' captures a unique venture of nostalgia and a vivid nostalgic side as it was the fundamental element in the process of creating this new single. It whisks its audience away on a nostalgic journey, painting a vivid picture of bygone days as it skillfully incorporates a sense of longing into its very foundations. Samuel is eager to point out the cooperative spirit that went into crafting this unique single – with each individual sharing their expertise and talents, the result is truly a beautifully harmonious blend on this 2-track album. Although deflecting from the usual playful and dreamy Sambox that listeners have known, 'Insouciance' promises to unveil a side of Sambox's music that listeners have never really previously seen. And with Anita's violin symphonies, it indeed is a ground-breaking release to bless the ears of its listeners.

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