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Phantasmal Frequencies: Decoding Shadows of Starlit Void with Ian Mathias-Baker's 'Specific Gravity'

Step into the celestial notions of Ian Mathias-Baker's brand new tune compilation ' Specific Gravity'! A creative composer and producer hailing from Britain and currently residing in the South of Granada in Spain, Mathias is always experimenting with his artistry. From slipping disarmingly between dystopian glitch, baroque counterpoint and mainstream rock or pop, his next move is always very unpredictable for his fans. Here to leave you in awe once again, let's decode this electronic wildfire!

Ian Mathias-Baker
Ian Mathias-Baker

Galactic fervors of electronics are all intertwined within the cloaks of time and space in the classic orchestra, where everything is happening all at once, this is almost magnificent packed with hints of poetic tragedies and feels like sitting on a rollercoaster ride.

We start this intergalactic venture with the voids of 'Mythic Texts: I'. Starting with a pure and ambient sound, this slowly transitions into themes of mystery, suspense and daunting dark thrills. This feels like a dystopian yet subtle transformation from good to bad, only to realize that almost nothing is real anymore. 'Mythic Texts: II' amplifies the soundscapes of the previous melody, and feels like stage 2 of the unexpected we witnessed before. This could take a turn both in a negative or positive direction, and that feeling of anticipation is the most fun part. A follow-up from the previous melodies, the sequel 'Mythic Texts: III' is a depiction of grandeur and surrealism, amplified in the plethora of still emotions and fading memories one experiences with the highs and lows of every piano synth as they progress in the song.

The mood of the album completely shapeshifts at 'Man Moving The Lawn Across The Way From Me' which feels as though one has stepped into the voids of Ian's thoughts. This feels like a profound narrative from the past, where almost every little experience is romanticized with thrill-packed music, only to realize that you're in a fever dream you don't want to wake up from. The next melody 'This is the Way the World Ends' is an epic example of dramatic narration, where one can feel urgency in the tales of shock. A poetic encounter that draws a poetic comparison with every little happening and decibel experienced by the globe, this is a pure radioactive masterpiece. The tales of the mythic texts finally come to an end with their last sequel 'Mythic Texts: IV'. This feels like surrender into the dark voids of time and space, with you might feel like you know everything but you know nothing. The album feels like an artistic sci-fi venture you wouldn't want to stop dwelling in, and thus is a must-listen!

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