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Musical Mistletoes of D'Artagnan's 'Merry Christmas Darling': Putting the 'Merry' in Christmas!

Outbursting as a profound ray of joy and sunshine, it's time to ring the jingle bells with D'Artagnan's latest release,' Merry Christmas Darling'! Hailing from the dreamlands of Cheltenham, United Kingdom, D'Artagnan stepped into the realms of music as a child performer alongside his brother in a double act. Gearing up and making a name for themselves in the industry as a unanimous voice of talent, the pair gained stardom and also graced the stages of star events, namely those of Tom Cruise, Micheal J. Fox and Micheal Douglas to name a few. Experience the soulful sleighs and carols of D'Artagnan via this latest Christmas special!


Beaming with an overspill of love and pure glee, this sweet marmalade of excitement is surely the pitch-perfect track to listen to whilst rocking round the christmas tree!

Let's catch a glimpse into D'Artagnan's prosperous life journies via his latest music video that feels like a warm crystal ball of comfort. Showcasing snippets from his own personal life, he takes Christmas as a moment to express gratitude about his own heart-warming experiences of proposing to his partner. Nostalgically it being the occasion of celebrating their first love in a homegrown setting, it feels like a fairytale come to life. This video illuminates our hearts and fills them with a divine sense of belongingness as it intertwines elements of home footage alongside spreading the message of exuberance and radiance, as we glide the glaciers of our life's experiences and live up to the birth of god himself.

Test this harmonious melody down below -

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