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Musical Halo: Exuberant Allures of Power of the Monk's 'Puffy Head'

Powers of the Monk returns with the ethereal notions of their brand new release 'Puffy Head' and this won't leave your head! Founded in 2006 by David s. Monk and Cassandra Powers, the band originally hails from Detroit, Michigan. Ever since their first critically acclaimed 12-song CD 'Killing Time' released in 2006, they've not looked back. Although they've gone through a major transition from electronic to indie rock, their sound remains very one of its kind, authentic and divinely creative. With many more projects to look out for, let's decode the vivacious synths of their brand-new song!

Cover Art of Power of the Monk's 'Puffy Head'
Cover Art of Powers of the Monk's 'Puffy Head'

A fun-loving nostalgic track that unravels the intricacies of outer space, this sounds like a majestic dream that you wouldn't wanna wake up from.

A track that feels like a pocket full of sunshine, this is very reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000s rom-com movie background tracks. This sounds pure, refreshing, calming and almost like a pastel-yellow dream. A track that is actually about the astronauts conquering space, the track's name is a metaphor to describe how the human body becomes in really after their time in space. This indie-folk extravaganza would instantly lighten up your mood, and is a must listen!

Test this ethereal melody down below -

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