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Mind Over Matter: Hip-Hop first flight to Cognitive Cadence via Fatihah's 'Elevate Your Mind'

Bringing fresh perspective and charisma to the table, Fatihah debuts into the music scene with his brand new venture,' Elevate Your Mind'! Fatihah, a household name, has been a testament to immense dedication throughout his music career. An artist hailing from the vibrant streets of St.Louis, the creative maestro has been in the rap scene for over three decades now. As someone who began as a young lyricist in the 90s, native block parties boosted his persona as a storyteller. From collaborating with underground legends to acing freestyle, his auspiciousness and emotive lyricism as been a trademark, and have earned him respect among like-minded peers and fans alike. Let's witness the wrath of the rap hurricane, Fatihah via his latest release!

Song Cover of Fatihah's 'Elevate Your Mind'
Song Cover of Fatihah's 'Elevate Your Mind'

An ambitious track about breaking free from the ordinary, 'Elevate Your Mind' is not just Fatihah's personal story of success, but serves as a torchbearer for the ones looking up to him in the best manner possible.

After years of tremendous hard work under the labels of other artists, Fatihah finally launched something under his name, his highly anticipated release, 'Elevate Your Mind'. This single starts with an animated narrative about how he preaches his struggle, hard work and pain he's gone through his entire life, and then begins to spread the widely regarded message of how one can set oneself apart from the worldliness of things, by doing nothing but getting themselves together. By sharing his enduring journey of relevance, he creates a commotion of excitement and diligence about doing something under one's name.

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