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MICAH SHEVELOFF's 70's inspired new single 'stand me up again' finds beauty amidst the darkness


Micah Sheveloff has had quite a diverse background as a musician which in turn led him to combine a bunch of genres within his own music. His work is meticulously crafted and displays some real promise that Micah carries as a musician. From minimalistic instrumentals to hard hitting classical piano to a much more nuanced pop sound with a post-punk influence, Micah has played with a lot of styles throughout his career. Now, working as a solo artist, he continues his journey as a songsmith, releasing numerous singles that show his calibre.

"The hope he brings out to the listener through such great symbolistic, 70's inspired refined musical arrangements is astounding."

'Stand me up again' is Micah's new single which consists in it some great minimalist, old style production which later progresses into some great sounds created through backing vocals, providing it an atmospheric feel. The single was made as a tribute to the people who fall into the venn-diagram intersection of misery and disaster, how despite all of the hardships they continue to face, never give up their life to a clubbed submission. Micah's raspy yet soothing voice helps the song to take more of a vulnerable side to it, as our narrator displays his pain but at the end, does the impossible of finding the little amount of light that seeps into the darkness.

The hope he brings to the listener through such great symbolistic and refined musical arrangements is astounding. Definitely give this one a listen if you're a fan of Queen, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and Marty Robbins. This will definitely sound like a fresh take on those artist's discographies.

Test this melody for yourself here -



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