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Melodic Memoirs: Soft Rock's Gentle Ode To Joyful Encounters in Miles East's 'Lucky To Be Here Tonight'

Dive into the tranquil embrace of Miles East's beautiful new release, 'Lucky To Be Here Tonight'. A marvel recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by the infamous musical maestro Blake Morgan, this release in particular derives keen influence from legends like Iron & Wine, Ray LaMontagne and Jason Isbell to name a few. His debut single from the upcoming album 'Between Lightening and Thunder' acing the listening charts, garnering him 100,000 streams and booming attention from the press over four continents. Celebrating the grace of his music, let's witness the divine infinities of the auroric sound of Miles East!

Miles East
Miles East
Silky sonnets incapacitated with a pure yearning and love, this is a perfect shower of utmost gratitude that would please your soul like no other.

Soft-rock reverie of utmost humbleness and groundedness, this single provides listeners with a trip down the nostalgic lanes of spending time with their loved ones. With happy-go-lucky synths of radiance, this sounds like a melody inspired by the golden phase of the 90s-00s, making the hearts of the listeners pound within an instant. It feels like a surreal moment of rejoicing life no matter what forms it takes, being thankful for the friends and passers-by who've shaped it uniquely for different people, with a lilac-smooth sound that is hard to resist and lyrics that would simply make one think.

Test this surreal melody down below -

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