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Mellow and Magical: 'Make It Beautiful' is four minutes of calm

Gamina Chad
Gamina Chad

Inspired by the world favorites Eliott Smith, John Lennon, Caetano Veloso, Damon Albarn, Silvio Rodriguez, and Devendra Banhart, Gamina Chad is a self-made musician cooking synchronous symphonies at his apartment. Gamina has lived across four continents throughout his life and brings a transcendent international understanding and emotions to his musings. He creates ethereal, heartfelt melodies while pouring his soul out. Musings that we wish we had heard as teens, rhythms that change our perspectives of life's prism.

Whimsical, mesmerizing, spellbinding. No words in the vocabulary can be used to describe the serenity Gamina's music encapsulates within it.

The latest release by Gamina Chad, 'Make It Beautiful' is the artist's take on life, a mellow, musical poetry oozing out magnificence. It expresses Gamina's optimistic point of view on the way of living, about how we can find peace in the romanticization of chaos. This track with an enchanting beacon of hope for those who wish to find moonshine amidst the dark of night.

Stream this magical melody down here:

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