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Melina Hazelwood is rising to the musical crescendo gracefully, one song at a time: Powerful

Melina has music bequeathed to her by her mother. She is now showcasing her musical talent to the world with the release of her empowering song, “Powerful”. Melina’s unique voice has been likened to Adele by many listeners. She draws her major influences from 70s French pop like Joe Dassin and Charles Aznavour, The Beatles, Liza Minelli, Disney Song and the 1930s Luis Mariano and Charles Trenet. With French and English parenthood, the singer is influenced by both epistemes and now has plans to perform across the UK. In 2020, Melina participated in The Golden Voices International Singing Contest in Cannes and won two laurels: Best Singer-Songwriter and Coup de Coeur du Jury.  

Sisters in strength, Assertive is their voice! Malina Hazewood sets the atmosphere with a powerful, powerful message!

Released on March 8th, 2023, “Powerful” is the culmination of the inspiration that women in history and her personal life have had on Melina. She describes that this song is not about women towering over men but rather standing as their equals and uplifting each other. The song nudges men into finding their inner strength as well. This is “a song about the universal power of women [that] brings us all together ….” (Melina). The music video in black and white mirrors the retro feel of the song. The lyrics are polished yet impactful and a French overtone pervades the song.

Test the melody down here-

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