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Marsh Family kneels to pray for world peace with their new single If That Day Comes

The Marsh Family is a talented family of six hailing from Kent, UK. They are known for their raw and unique humour and the versatility they present in moulding various musical genres and adding their twist to them. They became a household name when their pandemic parody videos started going viral in 2020. They made their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2020, the BBC’s Comic Relief Show in 2021 and fronted a Christmas campaign for Prostate Cancer UK.

If That Day Comes Round travels from our ears straight to our hearts awakening us to this hour of crisis.

The Marsh Family’s new single “If That Day Comes Round”, released for Christmas 2023, addresses the ongoing violence in Israel and Palestine since October 7. Enwrapped in empathy and sensitivity, this song is a heartfelt yearning for a miracle to happen in this era of darkness and finally illumine the world with peace. The intention of the artists is clearly echoed in the music: the guitar, strings, mandolin and piano. The song is also linked to the philanthropic mission of raising money for the International Red Cross work in Gaza and Israel.

Test the melody down here-

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