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Mark Winters is a mad rocket-scientist who finds his charm through the magic of poetry and music

Mark Winters
Mark Winters

Conducting his experiments in Texas and fuelling his optimism through a creative lens of a witty poet, Mark Winters has stamped his presence in the Indie-Rock music scene through the use of his poetic lyrics along with encoding themes as complex as rocket science (human emotions) into simple and digestible musical arrangements which make you realise how beautiful your existence can be.

"His poetry has substance in between the lines and the musical composition leaves you in awe and both of these factors create an effect that brings the listener closer to their sentience."

Mark's new single 'I see you' celebrates the ecstatic feeling of having that 'special' someone right besides you at times when life shines through the dust and breaks the walls of discomfort. Those times when you get to share the enormity of the beauty that surrounds you, and the everlasting effect of someone else reciprocating the same. The instrumentals are bright and have some weight to them, whether you club them into a derivation of an emotional high or some breezy goodness. Thus, this very quality of Mark's approach to the instrumentals, the way he chooses to arrange them in a way which transform you and make you walk in trance that makes the poetry in his lyrics stand out. There are also some interesting ways the vocals have been handled in this ambitious project that was worthing pointing out such as the falsetto which appears almost midway through the song.

You can imagine this track as an amalgamation of some great musician's iconic qualities into a single man. If you are a Tom Petty or John Mayor fanatic and don't mind mixing in some of The Lumineers' music from time to time, Mark Winters provides a great personal touch which fuses these styles meticulously into a unique and cohesive piece of art.

Test this rocket-science driven experiment for yourself here -



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