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Make a wish as the Genie Ziad Hisham arrives with the enigmatic 'On a Personal Level'!

Experience the typical jazz liberation via Ziad Hisham's 'On a personal level'! Originating from the musical scenes at his home Ciaro and currently based in London, Ziad has also proved in the past the enchanter he is by working for popular names in the scene, like Shady el Qassweer and the iconic Grammy-award winner Fathy Salama. Branching out from the regular curriculums of his college way earlier than most people his age, Ziad's academic studies of music production and sound engineering facilitated the release of his debut album,' On a Personal Level.' Braced with the collaborative moments of diverse musical creations and effort from voices like Mohammed Abo Zekry, Doa El Sebaii, Sarah Moullablad, Wiwii and Luka, this is a sheer masterpiece in disguise.

Ziad Hisham
Ziad Hisham

Fueling your prime household Egyptian cascades, this is a great moment for lifting up our deeply, culture enduring asian spirits with its tasteful Orientals!

We begin this sonic soulfire with 'Flying Solo'! A complete fusion of mystique and jazz-rock that makes to elope to the divine rusty timeframes of retro suburban funks, probably those entailing from the holy grounds of Egyptian royalty. The next track,' Warag El Fol', flows like a delicate dancing feather into the airiness and regions of taste. Having a classic Egyptian touch to it,this aims to bring strong opinions and motives together in one frame.

'Mesh Hekaya Awi' makes for a classic moment of celebration and joy, probably one to groove with a glass of wine in hand. This accounts for freedom and self-dependency, becoming a glass of radiance that splurges colours of unison all amongst its masses. Then we arrive at the sombre narratives and smooth jazz overtones of the theme track of the album,' On A Personal Level'. This accounts for a break from the alluring charms of traditionalism.

Then, 'Eza' sprinkles glitter of self-reflection and confession amongst the fiesta of experiences we just had. With the ongoing placement of the electronic guitar as a traditional instrument, this becomes an instant roller-coaster ride, one nobody has ever possibly seen before in the rest of the album.

Last but not least, 'EL Ghayeb', establishes the deeply rooted pedestal of cultural representation and traditionalism Ziad currently stands on, providing us even more room to worship this maestro who's nothing but a keen admirer of art, and probably the most important reason we admire him!

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