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Lyrical Luminance: Happy Curmudgeons' '2nd Chances' Story

Cover Art of Happy Curmudgeons' '2nd Chances'
Cover Art of Happy Curmudgeons' '2nd Chances'

Emanating from the tranquil realms of Detroit, US, the Happy Curmudgeons return with their captivating single '2nd Chances,' weaving a rich tapestry of sound and emotion. Boasting an ensemble of remarkable talents, this group of studio musicians seeks the soulful essence within each note. United by music's universal language, they draw their prime musical inferences from icons like Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Patsy Cline and Terry Clark to name a few. The group embraces music as the power to connect and resonate deeply. Founded by Dave Hamilton in 2015, they debuted with the album 'Meant 2 Be' in 2017. Now, their latest single '2nd Chances' offers a taste of the eclectic mix of classic rock, folk, blues, old country, and contemporary folk that awaits on their upcoming album set to release in 2020. The Happy Curmudgeons seamlessly blend music, lyrics, and art to craft a truly immersive experience for their listeners.

A galvanizing node of freshness and serene lyricism, 2nd Chances is indeed an illuminating experience about seeing the silver lining and holding onto that ray of spark.

"2nd Chances" blooms as the enchanting premiere single from Happy Curmudgeons' sophomore venture, serving as the namesake for their upcoming album, set to charm the world in late 2023. This melodious masterpiece marks Amy Dixon-Lavery's lyrical debut with the band, weaving a soulful narrative of embracing new opportunities in love and life. Mark Byerly, the mastermind producer, assembled a symphony of brilliantly gifted musicians to breathe life into this heartening anthem. The track soars on the wings of letting go of past heartaches and embracing a vibrant, luminous perspective on any situation. The acoustic riff crafted by Dave Hamilton and lyrics penned by Amy Dixon-Lavery flawlessly intertwines to create this sensational ode to second chances.

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