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Lyrical Lassos: Folk Rock Country Echoes of Backstrom's 'Train Wreck Coming'

Backstrom returns with another folk-rock sonic revelation with his latest release, 'Train Wreck Coming'! Channelling the vinyl essence of life's surprises, the instruments for this single were reportedly recorded in Buenos Aires by the maestro Fransisco Paz. Then the element of country funks was added to it online by the vocals of American singer Bart Tropher, along with majestic harmonies from 'Singtrece', with the final mixing and mastering done by Gabe Wolf. Let's witness this uniquely funky sound of 'Train Wreck Coming'!


Let yourself loose into the loops life packs you into, for there's an adventure in the core of the canvas that is life- this is exactly how this track feels like.

An adventure-packed musical ensemble that seems to capture the essence of a free spirit, this is an extremely vibey track. A country muse that channels a unique blend of instruments and sound, this seems to inform you about the fact that life, well, is unpredictable. You always have to watch out for yourselves, for nothing is planned or can be predicted no matter how hard you try. So thus, pleading to god for having mercy on our souls, seems to be a countdown of the to-dos in life, which includes nothing but holding onto the pace, and being patient and consistent with your actions.

Test this funky melody down below -

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