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Love's Last Roar: The Turbulent Tremors of Andrew Flynn's 'Narcissist'

Discover the tormented love affairs of the exotic rock melody of Andrew Flynn's 'Narcissist'! A singer/songwriter and a vivacious LGBT artist who came out in the 80s, Andrew's journey to the light hasn't been one of ease. Despite the difficulties faced, Andrew is remarkably a positive example in his existence. With Conner Speechly as the music man and producer, the collaborative derives inspiration from legends like George Micheal, Erasure, REM and The Weekend to name a few. A track that encapsulates his raw emotions, presenting Andrew Flynn's 'Narcissist'!

Cover Art of Andrew Flynn's 'Narcissist'
Cover Art of Andrew Flynn's 'Narcissist'

With its despicable metaphors in the lyrics that'll leave you stunned, this is a hope-fuelled galore that is raw, pure and too inflamed to hear!

A voracious track about the heart-wrenching love that first lures you in but then consumes you into destruction, this is the ballad of dying love, is an ode to the dark and diminishing side of the emotion, that traumatizes you."You played your part and destroyed my heart", a narrative that in reality talks about Andrew's experience of loving someone who wasn't in the capacity to love him, despite the immaculate love he showered them with. Walking along the lines of emotions like moodiness, rage and aggression but infused with a little essence of hope, this is an explicit tune saga of an almost relatable yet daunting and deep lyrics.

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