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LOVE GHOST shine again with a punchy post-punk track that will elevate your music palette


As previously covered by us for their masterful single 'payback', we at Testing Melodies have grown to love the way LOVE GHOST have stayed true to their instincts to beautifully portray the human condition in many layers, providing equal number of answers as thought provoking convulsions in their listener's minds.

Formed by their frontman Finnegan Bell way back when he was in eighth grade, Love Ghost have developed over the years a reputation for not only creating a sound which provides personal and creatively fuelled nuanced approaches to rock music, mostly combining it with the elements of hip-hop, but have also created a space where they speak about mental issues in an unhinged manner.

With their new single 'Haunted House', LOVE GHOST turn their musical journey's vehicle into the direction of a youthful rage music aura, with heavy touches and additions borrowed from the punk sound of the 90's as well as some modern day rap sounds.

"A great modern display of youthful energy, which effortlessly infuses its bilingual beauty with mad raving to the face approach of production."

The track is made in collaboration with FLVCKKA and BrunOG who elevate the song's intense energy, creating some beautiful and interesting wordplay, unique sounds as well as blazingly punchy instrumentals. The mixing of the track is also something it should really be hailed for, with plausible treatment to the vocals as well as the hi-hats. Finnegan, as he always has in his music, puts his all into the song, it all resulting in a beautiful amalgamation of intense energy and meticulous craft-manship.

Overall, this track evokes such adrenaline boosting vibes that it is definitely a must listen for all the gym freaks as well as the people who like to uplift themselves at particular parts of certain days.

Test this melody for yourself here -



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