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Learn to Fly with The Ruby Tears: A Musical Journey of Aspiration.

The Ruby Tears, a London-based rock collective founded in 2019, features Manchester solo musician John Goodfellow and Liverpool guitarist and songwriter Jeff Skellon. Over time, they've delivered eight EPs and multiple singles, revealing their versatile influences that span hard rock and indie pop, punctuated by infectious hooks and robust riffs. Their electrifying performances at UK and European festivals and venues have cultivated a dedicated fan following.

Ruby tears
Soaring High: 'The Ruby Tears' Is An Uplifting Ode to Chasing Dreams and grabbing what you truly desire.

"Learn to Fly" is the most recent release by The Ruby Tears, hitting the airwaves on October 27, 2023. The track presents a revitalizing ambience with its expansive sound and graceful melodies. It commences with a mellow acoustic guitar introduction, accompanied by the soothing voice from the band. As the song progresses, the chorus bursts forth with an explosion of vitality, resonating with the lyrics, "I want to learn to fly, I want to touch the sky." The song conveys a positive message, urging listeners to chase their dreams and conquer their apprehensions. Furthermore, the track spotlights the band's impressive guitar solo, showcasing his remarkable talent and enthusiasm. "Learn to Fly" is a tune that will fill you with a sense of elation and motivation, serving as a splendid illustration of the band's dexterity and skill.

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