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Latin Fiesta of Sound: Horizonte Lied's Starstruck Harmonies

Horizonte Lied
Horizonte Lied

Horizonte Lied, an electrifying alt band, masterfully blends shadowy soundscapes with enthralling electronic-organic fusions. Birthed in June 1992 and influenced by greats like Depeche Mode and Clan of Xymox, they gained momentum with their 2002 single 'Destello Inmortal.' Successfully opening for Clan of Xymox, their acclaimed first album, 'Memorias de Crónicas Futuras,' dropped in 2003, shaking the electro underground. Now under SynthpopYourWorld Records, they enthrall fans with "REMASTERS FINALES," a collection of remastered and unreleased gems from their entire musical journey.

Dive into this Latin fiesta, a spirited treasure trove of tunes that transports you to a sweeping planetarium filled with heart-pounding harmonies, leaving you utterly starstruck.

Destello Immortal flashes like an iridescent burst of energy from every corner of the cosmos, swiftly fusing Indian instruments like flutes, sitars, and sarods into one mesmerizing whole. Then comes the album's first explosive release, Espectro de Vida, which whisks listeners away into an alt-indie realm of music with its refreshing yet haunting melodies.

Sin Claridad takes the reins in its own eccentric fashion, dialling back the tempo reached by the preceding track and resonating like a pulsating sound reverb. Then arrives the untamed Acertijos, a song that defies categorization and transcends what mankind considers ordinary. Filling the air with an unparalleled aura as if plucked from the quirks of a forest, it whisks listeners away to an enchanting world filled with infinite possibilities. Next up is the album's head-turner, El Peligro de la Gente, a mesmeric escape from stark reality that leaves audiences spellbound.

The incoming tracks Por Tu Ausencia and El Abismo are almost surreal in their inception. Their hauntingly mellow melodies set fire to the album's established rhythms and forge an entirely new soundscape for future tracks to follow. By the time listeners reach Voz de Fé, they're likely bewildered and completely immersed in their own personal interpretations of these compelling soundscapes.

Finally, we arrive at the last tune that imparts a fiercely powerful message: ignite your prior perceptions and embrace new acknowledgements within your own enigmatic truths as you bid farewell to the enthralling dreamland you've captivated. An extraordinary journey and an essential listen for every EDM aficionado out there.

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