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Jazz Dreamscape: Dreamlike Drifts of Greg Foat's 'Spider Plant Blues'

Greg Foat unleashes yet another acid jazz treasure in the world with this latest release 'Spider Plant Blues' and this right is a treat to your ears! Hailing from the vibrant city of London, Greg Foat is a dynamic keyboardist, composer, bandleader and DJ whose creativity knows no bounds. His artistry is full of his very own exquisite non-contemporary jazz, that utilizes both traditional instruments with a touch of unorthodox ones, like tubular bells, harpsichord and a 15-piece choir. He draws inspiration from soundtrack and library music, but this reverie right here is nothing but a mix of synthesizers, house music, drums and house plants that will instantly feel good to your ears. Let's give this magical symphony a listen!

Greg Foat
Greg Foat

An extravaganza of auspicious piano beats and lustrous bass, this acid jazz glam is a delight to listen to, and would stir up your mood!

A precisely composed melody that is actually about the sense of comfort Greg's home plants bring to him, this is utterly relaxing, surreal and enchanting. This also spreads the word about the magnificent grace and liberty those plants tend to give off, as they wave freely as per the musician's mood, thereby becoming the ultimate companions away from worldly chaos. This sounds and feels like a delicate interweaving of dreams into the genre of jazz, much like the plants that culminate ounces of positive air and energy into the room. This is very laidback and ambient, thereby becoming the perfect melody to blast while you're doing something productive.

Test this dreamy melody down below -

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