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Jánnos Eolou sparks inquisitiveness through orchestrated flamboyance which took 10 years to create

Jánnos Eolou
Jánnos Eolou

Jánnos Eolou is a Greek music composer and orchestrator who has been creating sounds for film, orchestra, and dance throughout his long and legendary career. With a Film Academy award to his name for the music he gave for the film 'Christmas Tango', Jánnos steps into the frontline with his solo career, inspired by the magical realism movement of art that took the world, and more importantly music by storm. Jánnos believes the movement to be the most influential in music, a gateway to redefine humanity.

"The album carries a palpable sense of change, a rhythmic and smooth one which contorts the vision, thus giving edge to the overall cinematic feel of this masterpiece."

His live, orchestrated album 'Tangos of the Magic Reality' took him a decade to make. A decade that truly transformed him as a man. A man who created a masterpiece that would pique your interest to a point where you live and breathe in the world he creates. With cinematic touches and sheer artistic brilliance of the arrangement of the instrumentals, Jánnos takes the listener on a ride, a perfect tribute to the work this piece is inspired by.

The tango form of music had usually been for the oppressed when the magical realism movement came into the picture. As the Latin American writer Jorge Luis Borges intertwined the tango form with the magical realism movement in his short story "Man, in a pink corner", Jánnos felt magic through his system, which drove him forward to compose a piece that would replicate the feeling of being possessed by the light of this art movement.

The tonality is constantly changing throughout this piece, which starts off with 'Long Summer Shadows'. Lightning erupts, intentionally so but nothing is a one-off stand for Jánnos, nothing is one-dimensional. Everything is filled with layers, each unfolded as seen through magic mirrors. The album continues its path, never really settling on one tone, constantly changing, carrying a palpable sense of change, a rhythmic and smooth one that contorts the vision, thus giving an edge to the overall cinematic feel of this masterful piece.

An album with a run-time of about an hour, it never falls flat. It changes its mood mid-way and Jánnos can clearly be pictured playing with the listener's ears. Recorded with a live band, the instruments are drawn out pretty vibrantly, beautifully creating imagery in the listener's mind. One would picture, as I did myself halfway through this album, a scene from 'A Clockwork Orange'. As the protagonist 'Alex' walks out in the streets of the dystopian world he resides in, as a changed man.

The album ends smoothly, utilizing a lot more piano in the latter half than the first, creating quite a heavy and fully packed instrumental feel to it. As said before, the arrangement of everything feels like, well, magic. And here is where Jánnos succeeds.

Give this album a listen if you carry a dark academic scholar-type personality and wish to be a Renaissance man or woman.

Test this melody for yourself here:

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