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Infernal Infatuation: US Rap's Reflections on Love's Dark Descents with Love Ghost's 'TIME TRAVEL'

Love Ghost returns to the hip-hop realms with a daunting twist, with their brand new release,'Time Travel'! An artistic talent not bound to the magnitude of a single genre, Love Ghost's creatives spread to a plethora of genres like metal, grunge, emo and rock to name a few. With his track revolved around themes related to mental health and its significance, he has also been selected for Rockpalast and has graced stages across more than 4 continents. Collaborating with artists like Go Golden Junk, Whiplash, Santa RM, Dan Garcia and many more. To curate nothing but purely purpose-driven music, let's witness the jaw-dropping verses of this latest release!

Cover Art for Love Ghost's 'TIME TRAVEL'
Cover Art for Love Ghost's 'TIME TRAVEL'

A passionate yet intense moment of thrill, this is a violent-driven saga that will almost sound haunting yet almost too relatable for anyone who's gone through intoxicating love before.

'Time Travel' is a beautifully twisted alternative/emo narrative about someone who ought to do the ordinary, a girl who wishes to reach back to what caught her off-guard in the head before. This is purely cinematic and loaded with apt amounts of drama, as we see how this desire for her is not just consuming her but also him, as he witnesses demons entering his own life, yet he surprisingly doesn't wish to lose touch with her. Leaving a last yet soul-wrecking impression with the ultimate fury of Mexican Artist Yung Dupe, this is a blast of pure misery that will be a poignant moment of truth and relatability for many listening.

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