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Heavy on Heart’s “Catch Me If I Fall” Reminds Us That There Is Always A Way Out In Life

Heavy on the Heart is an electrifying band etching their presence in the music realm by the dint of their undying passion and determination. They are a group of four misfits creating out-of-the-box art and risking it all since they believe they have nothing to lose. The summer of 2023 saw the genesis of Heavy on Heart when Nikki Brady (vocals), and Costas Themistocleus (guitar) came together. Then Nick Kolokathis (drummer) and Andrew Nicolae joined the group in October 2021 and 2022 respectively. The band draws inspiration from musical giants like Third Eye Blind, The Dangerous Summer, Paramore, blink-182, Hot Mulligan, We Are the In Crowd, No Doubt, Brand New, Free Fighters, and Taking Back Sunday. This creative force made its debut on January 27, 2023opening for The Color Fred and Alec Melton. They have been the talk of the world featuring on FM, Internet, and Satellite radio worldwide. Their debut single “Mr Know It All” was featured on 94.3 The Shark. They are all set to play Munoz-Stock in Huntington, NY on October 19, 2023, and they also have many tours in 2023 and 24 in store for us. This young vigor is surely set to take the world by storm!

Heavy on Heart
Ever felt like you are stuck in a bottomless pit and there is no way up? Catch Me If I Fall celebrates beauty in life’s transience and reminds us that there always is hope.

“Catch Me If I Fall” strikes the right chord in all our hearts with its beautiful message: a reminder that life’s tribulations can be overcome and that there is light on the other side of the tunnel. The artist found himself restless restless one night so he started to flip through his old journal. The journal contained years worth of introspective poetry, cliff notes, and song lyrics. He was transported to a time in his life when life seemed nothing but darkness to him and he felt as if he would never make it out of that dark place. But then he realized that he indeed lived through all of it and is alive and going today. This formative experience led him to embrace hope. The fact that there is beauty in darkness because it is followed by light. The song is an ode to the mighty human will that it can and it indeed does survive life’s hardest blows. The song is a conversation between the artist and his younger self, with both reassuring each other that this too shall pass so keep moving forward. The song is deeply personal but this piece of art with its message transcends from the personal to the universal. Surely this deeply poetic piece is all set to be your new obsession!

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