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Heartstrings and Haze: Exploring Rock Pop's Illusory Odessey through Love Crushed Velvet's 'Blind Emotions'

Love Crushed Velvet is back with yet another astounding sonic reverie with his brand new release,' Blind Emotions'! Created by the legendary digital designer Alena Savchenko, this video is the icing on the cake of the poignant yet light-hearted beatscapes of the song. A collective formed in 2010, they rose to fame with their 2022 'Souls and Barren Heart' album, and ever since then, their artistic creativity knows no bounds. A vision of singer/songwriter A.L.X, Drummer Thommy Price and Jimi BK Jones that came to life, their tunes and lineup have evolved significantly over the last few years. As a group that constantly is tapping into raw emotions through their art, let's witness the grandeur of Love Crushed Velvet's sound.

Cover art of Love Crushed Velvet's 'Blind Emotions'
Cover art of Love Crushed Velvet's 'Blind Emotions'

Sombre hues of pink covering every setting, this is a lovestruck symphony where generative AI realms add a distinctive spark to it.

We begin with the dreamlike haven of this video through endless pastels and a beautiful girl staring into the blissful notions of different hues of pink. The setting evolves as she proceeds with a sense of pondering over the beauty of the world around her. Everything here is pink, and we also notice a sign saying love crushed velvet disappears into nothingness. She is certainly in love and is spotted playing arcade with her beloved. The next minute the entire place is on fire, indicating the riff between their relationship that the guy tries to compensate by filling her room with flowers and letters. Highlighting how love is nothing but a blind emotion, this highlights how once you feel it there's no going back, no matter how much you run away from it.

Test this mesmerising melody down below -

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