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Harmony of Healing: Uncover Afro-beats Paradise in Proklaim's 'CIVIL'!

Back with these groovy reggaeton twists, Proklaim returns to the music scene with his brand new release,' CIVIL'! A hip-hop songwriter who discovered his talent for rap whilst learning how to play the guitar, his release is amongst one of many experiments from his artistry, as it mixes elements of rap with Afro. Proklaim's musical sound is a reflection of some of the renounced artists in the rap world like Nas, Tupac, Lauryn Hill, Jay Z and Biggie. Instigating listeners to move forward and look ahead rather than regretting what's behind, let's unravel the acclaimed artist's latest single!


A spot-on dance banger, this unravels the harsh realities of Proklaim's life whilst also providing the listeners with a groovy element of pacifying beatscapes that would encourage one to live the moment.

With poignant lyrics that talk about riding solo and doing everything that it takes since you only live once, this afro-beat bop is full of tropical spices of reggaeton beats that will relish your soul. It feels like a trope that takes you through all the nerve-wracking realities and inevitable truths of life with the calmest truths, this is a severe walk-through and a guide for people looking out for the fulfilment of virtues in life, whether it's regarding the harsh reality of how everyone coming in your life are like passengers, or about self-love, Proklaim has got you covered. Although what might sound like preaching initially, continues to become this passionfruit of utmost excitement and fun.

Test this groovy melody down below -

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