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Harmonizing Journeys: JPRiZM & MACCIE's Symphony of Emotion and Experience


JPRiZM, an eclectic artist and producer, draws inspiration from a myriad of genres, mirroring the ever-changing reflections of a prism. His music constantly evolves, unbounded by traditional categories, resonating with diverse influences. On the other hand, Maccie is a unique presence in alternative pop, her voice a mesmerizing blend of serenity and power. More than just a singer, Maccie showcases her artistry through multiple instruments, evocative paintings, and her adeptness in aerial silks, fusing elegance with grit. Together, they exemplify the versatility and depth of contemporary artistry.

In the confluence of JPRiZM's eclectic influences and MACCIE's soulful depth, lies a melody that speaks to the heart's timeless yearnings.

"Back to Me" is a poignant anthem crafted by the collaborative genius of JPRiZM and MACCIE. This song encapsulates universal emotions of love, loss, and the profound desire to reconnect with something or someone familiar. What makes this track particularly heart-rending is its roots in MACCIE's personal journey through the foster care system. Every note and lyric is imbued with her experiences, memories, and the intrinsic human yearning for belonging. JPRiZM's versatile musical touch seamlessly complements MACCIE's narrative, making the song resonate deeply with anyone who has ever longed for a cherished memory, a familiar touch, or simply the warmth of a shared laugh. Together, JPRiZM and MACCIE have not just crafted a melody but delivered a powerful message of hope and the enduring spirit of human connection.

Test this soulful melody down below -



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