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Hard-Hitting Melancholia: Witness Fading Echoes of Love with Forever Searching's 'I Don't Think I Love You Anymore'

Step into the notions of a fading love with Forever Searching's debut release 'I Don't Think I Love You Anymore' and this one is for the keeps! A beautiful blend of indie rock and dream-pop, this feels like an endless loop of coiled suspense that is exceptionally spectacular. Drawing musical inferences from legends like Tame Impala, Jungle and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, their sound aims to spark your mind with their evocative melodies and magnetic allure. Mixed and Mastered by the genius of Grammy Award triumphant Michael H. Brauer and Joe LaPorta, let's witness the hypnotic effects of this brand-new release!

Forever Searching
Forever Searching

Hazy neon synths that are gloomy yet packed with mysteries, feel like a dark code to the overwhelmingness of love that one experiences after getting their heart broken.

With mellow driving synths, this indie rock symphony makes listeners elope into the void of a failed love that the protagonist is experiencing. Crafted with profoundly rich soundscapes and a groovy and addictive bass line, this also builds up intense suspense and rage in the minds of listeners, almost sounding like a dystopian and tragically beautiful ending of a movie that is jaw-dropping enough to keep you hooked. If the listeners enjoy legends like Tame Impala and Cigarettes After Sex, they're gonna fall in love with Forever Searching's sound. Overall, I think this is an epic moment of relatability and a must-listen for everyone.

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